Many people often mistakenly believe that oil fields have helped Dubai become rich. But the truth is, oil accounts for only 5% of the $ 100 billion in revenue (in 2012), while 95% of the country's income comes from tourism and real estate. city ​​of the future ”, let's explore VIETNAMTRAVELKEYS with Dubai:
1. The fastest growing city on the planet
In just 45 years, Dubai from a small wild fishing village became a powerful "small nation" possessing luxury records worthy of the world's architectural mecca or global shopping and entertainment paradise. .
Evidence is the tallest tower Burj Khalifa828m see clearly 90km away from withstand the heat up to 120 degrees Celsius thanks to 24,348 insulation panels and is famous for the system of high-speed elevators 64km / h. The luxurious 7-star sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel also uses enough gold to cover 46,265 Mona Lisa paintings and 23 thousand m2 of marble. Even the volume of gold bars traded in Dubai in 2013 alone was 2,250 tons (heavier than 354 African elephants) with a value of 70 billion dollars.
Interestingly, the consequence of the "dizzying" growth is that Dubai does not have a standard address system. Instead of recording the usual receipt, there will be a large space on the envelope for the sender to map and write detailed instructions, for example: “Behind the white mosque, on the first street looking yellow door on the left ”. Therefore, if you do not register to follow the tour, we recommend buying a map of the city as soon as you step out of the airport.
2/0% crime rate and hundred billion car collection of Dubai police
Due to the strict Islamic law established by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai is the "cleanest" city in the world with a crime rate of almost 0%, according to SIME. Middle East space), Dubai recently tested an artificial intelligence system to predict the actual crime risk with high accuracy based on analysis of data in the information warehouse of cop. This has made Dubai one of the safest cities on the planet for tourists to visit.
All Dubai police officers are not only strictly recruited in terms of appearance, background, health, loyalty, they also have to take screening tests or attend intensive professional training courses. taught by world-class criminologists and law professors. In particular, in order to minimize incidents when chasing criminals, police forces are equipped with a series of dream-worthy drivers. These include supercars like: Mercedes SLS AMG (about $ 200,000) can accelerate to 100km / h in 4 seconds, Ferrari FF (more than $ 300,000) maximum speed of 335km / h, Aston Martin One- 77 (US $ 1.79 million) - limited edition
with 77 units produced with a maximum speed of 354 km / h and the interior is made of carbon fiber ... or "speed prince" Bugatti Veyron owns speeds of up to 407km / h with a selling price of about 2.5 million dollars.
3/101 unique "play" of gold.
At Dubai's famous Gold Souk gold market, gold is sold by weight and visitors can freely bargain to buy products with a reasonable price. You will be surprised to know that it only costs about 30 USD to be able to own 1 gram of 24K gold and even easily buy bullion bars weighing up to 250 grams from vending machines. Perhaps because it is too easy to have a piece of gold, the people here have shown a unique hobby of playing gold.
To show the level and playfulness, most of the upper class in Dubai use gold-plated Vertu phones at the same price as a big city house and spend a lot of money on gold for the driver. Don't stop there, making it to the top of the world's most expensive dishes, Dubai gold-plated cupcakes are priced at $ 1,223 / set and about $ 816 in gold-cream. / cup (equivalent to VND 18 million). The reason for such a "terrible" price is because the gold used in food must be of purity to a level of perfection to ensure not causing any harm if left in the body for more than 24 hours, even according to many Research also works to preserve beauty and keep the body healthy.
Is that enough to make you want to set foot in the luxurious, mysterious kingdom of Dubai to satisfy curiosity yet? According to the journey of VIETNAMTRAVELKEYS, there are many other interesting things waiting for you to discover such as: the world's largest artificial palm tree island, the most attractive shopping and entertainment complex on the Arab planet Mall of Emirates owns the area. indoor skiing and the first snow park in the Middle East; ride over sand and enjoy a true Arabic buffet under the night of the Safari desert; Dubai museum; Sheikh Zayed white marble church; cultural heritage village of Abu Dhabi ...